Staff Management / Human Resources

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to support the goals and challenges of the organization by providing services which promote a work environment that is characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect.  We will listen, access, and provide solutions to workplace issues through high quality, cost effective consulting services that support and optimize the operating principles of the organization.

  • Benchmarking – IPS is continuously benchmarking the wage scales to remain competitive in the healthcare services marketplace.  We stay current with State and Federal changes.  Accuracy in research, review wages regularly, and provides annual recommendations for wage changes to the CEO.

  • Employee Recruitment and Retention – Recruit, retain and motivate the talent needed to fulfill organizational needs. Ads placed for timely and cost effective placement.

  • Benefit Management – Research for competitive benefits and have clear and accurate recommendations on adding or removing benefits.  Ensure timely completion of Open Enrollment and assist with 401(k) eligible employee enrollment meetings.

  • Employee Personnel Files – Maintain completeness, accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Job Descriptions – Review and encompass core competencies for positions with direct supervisors.
  • Compliance Management – Communication on Regulation and Policies is a must.  Interpret personnel policies and procedures and provide annual reminders to employees.

  • Performance Management – IPS conducts performance management through evaluations and performance improvement plans.  Dispute resolution; educate supervisors on importance of documentation, while collecting accurate and complete facts.  Conduct exit interviews and be prepared to monitor and remain cost effective.
  • Customer Service Training – HR provides customer service training during orientation.
  • Practice Improvement – Practice Improvement as it relates to the human aspect, starts with employee development and education.  IPS provides coaching, mentoring, competency testing to gauge where each employee is in the learning phase. We conduct surveys and training records to assist in improving each and every employee’s skillset within your practice.